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Live Resin & Rosin

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Live Resin Concentrate

Higher standards demand superior quality—and you’ve earned it. Our extraction process and input screening from our in-house supply produces the highest quality Live Resin.

Live Resin is extracted using a blended hydrocarbon solvent at cryogenic temperatures to produce the highest quality live resins.

• Flower: fresh frozen
• Extraction: butane
• Production Process: Closed loop
• Types: batter, sugar, wax, crumble

product_gallery_concentrate_rosin@2x.png product_gallery_concentrate_rosin@2x.png
Live Rosin Concentrate

With the right trajectory, no goal is out of reach. Set the bar higher with our Live Rosin concentrates.

Live Rosin is produced using our solventless processes, utilizing the highest quality ice water extraction equipment available to the industry to produce a bubble hash from fresh frozen flower.

• Flower: fresh frozen
• Extraction: solvent less
• Production Process: ice water extraction
• Types: cold cure batter, jam

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