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Good Things Coming

Hard Candies

product_gallery_lemon_drops_lavender_5382_1642191198.png product_gallery_lemon_drops_lavender_5382_1642191198.png
Lavender Lemon Drops
Kick your hustle into the next gear. These medical cannabis edibles made with locally sourced honey and lavender keep you on your A-game all day long. 2.5mg per drop, 50mg total.
GTC_BlueRaspberry_1000x1000.png GTC_BlueRaspberry_1000x1000.png
Sour Blue Raspberry Drops

It’s not lonely at the top. It’s more fun. Go higher with our Sour Blue Razz drops. Gushing with sweet-n-sour, raspberry-flavored goodness that’ll keep you climbing. 2.5mg per drop, 50mg total.

GTC_FruitPunch_1000x1000.png GTC_FruitPunch_1000x1000.png
Fruit Punch Drops

Just when you didn’t think life could get any sweeter, our Fruit Punch drops take it to another level. Imagine all your favorite fruits blended together, bursting with flavor. Treat yourself, you’ve earned it. 2.5mg per drop, 50mg total.

Elevate Your Vibe